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Software Application Experience In:
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As a software developer/engineer, many services can be provided that can improve the speed and efficiency of your business.  Listed below are just some of the descriptions of software products that have been created in the past and can be created for your business. But, this list can be limitless so if you have an idea of how you can increase the efficiency of your business or enhance the effectiveness of a process please call me. Many times there have been good ideas that may have been thought to be not possible but usually when working with a client we can find ways to utilize two (or more) databases, or automate a faxing process, or pull shipping costs directly from the internet, or upgrade your website to utilize secure e-commerce so that you can increase your sales online.  Give me a call.  It does not hurt to ask and our initial conversation will be at no charge.

Prior work -

Custom PC Applications - These are installable applications that run only on one PC at a time (just like Microsoft Excel). In other words, they do not run over the web or in Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc and they need to be installed on each PC.  It is possible, however, to have two similar PC applications transfer data via the internet, if needed.  Typically, these products are produced using C-Sharp (C#) and an underlying database such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005. The conventional functionality usually includes some security, administration functions and reporting with export features to MS Excel, PDF, and others.top 

Website Applications - I can provide website design, implementation and consulting on infrastructure, FTP, hosting and domains. Most of my work, however, that is web-based has been internal to a particular company for other departments to use. These products have been in the areas of inventory control, human resources, shipping/receiving, financials and others.top 

Microsoft Office Automation - Do you have an Excel spreadsheet that requires numerous amounts of cut and paste?  Do you have a report that is nothing more than a spreadsheet of numbers that have to be hand-typed into a MS Word document?  This is where MS Office automation can help.  Utilizing macros and/or V.B.A (Visual Basic for Applications) it is possible to automate a lot of the features that normally have to be done by hand in Microsoft Office.top

Database Design - It is rare when someone only needs the database design but consulting can be provided for relational design, ETL and data mapping. Most work in this area usually includes a requirement of making two disparate databases share data between them.top 

Reporting - There is a great need for custom reports and a lot of work can be done to provide data in an understandable format that is useful to your business. The typical question is, "Can the data be placed into an Excel spreadsheet?".  The answer is almost aways yes but other formats such as PDF and Crystal Reports are also available.  Adobe PDFs are terrific for reports whereby you do not want the recipient to be able to change the underlying figures. Crystal Reports can provide visually pleasing reports that can be printed easily (and exported).top

Industry Experience - 
Health Care - My experience includes HIPAA formats, Benefits coordination and open enrollments. Data formatting design and transmissions to HMOs (such as Excellus and Preferred Care).  Designed and coded a major ERP system for a major Rochester hospital to collect and administrate all benefits information.top

Human Resources - As an HR Systems Administrator, I worked to update and replace and outdated system (circa 1987) and coded a new system that touched all facets of human resources management including payroll, recruitment and benefits. A messaging system was also written that allowed for the old system and the new system to stay sychronized before the new system could be used in production.top

Manufacturing - Provided several systems to a large company based in Rochester, NY. These programs included assest tracking and disposal, an auction/bidding system that utilized automated faxing of available equipment, a customer satisfaction tracking system, and a shipping system that is still used throughout the United States.top

Finance - Provided a decision support system (DSS) for major financial company in Rochester.  Also, acted as project manager for the improvements to an external website that processed loan-based information. And, assisted in the upgrade of an existing amortization application which updated the amortization fees and schedules for thousands of applications.top