Canandaigua, NY  14424

Left Portrait Technologies
•    .NET (C#, VB)
•    ASP/ASP.Net
•    Visual Basic 6.0
•    Javascript/AJAX
•    XML / XPath
•    HTML
•    PDA Programs
•    SQL 2000/2005
•    MS Access
•    LINQ
•    Crystal Reports
•    SQL Report Srvcs
•    IIS

•    Assistant VP
•    Systems Admin
•    Team/Tech Lead
•    Project Manager
•    Field Manager
PROFILE: A diverse professional with over 20 years of development experience combined with 30 years of practical IT knowledge in full life-cycle design, project management, departmental planning and personnel management.  Development strengths include C#, ASP.Net and SQL Server 2005.
  • Development – developed numerous web-based and database business applications in Basic, VB,. C# and ASP.
  • Microsoft Certified  (MCSD) – Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (May 2002).
  • Leadership – Excellent management skills.  Positions have included Assistant Vice President, Project Leader, Consultant Field Manager, Team Leader, and Business Owner.
  • Self-Starter – established two companies.
  • Self-Motivated – work well alone or in groups, a team player.
  • Adaptable – quick to learn.
2008 Senior Software Engineer – Genesee Survey Services – Winton Road, Henrietta, NY 14623                    
Lead developer in C#, Javascript and Ajax-based applications that covered multiple areas from internal tools to external web-based portals in the DMZ that were used by Genesee’s clients.
Accomplishments -
ITWAC –  (IT Workforce Analytics Consortium). A web application utilizing C#, Ajax, SQL Server and SSRS.  This web portal allowed Genesee clients to provide extremely confidential HR data that was aggregated and reported using SSRS. The product was designed, architected and built by myself. Interfaced weekly with clients such as Dell, Yahoo, AOL, SAP, SUN for suggestions and report specifications.
Survey Generator  – Genesee was redesigning their entire survey process which included new software. This was a team-based application with 3 developers and a project manager. I was responsible for a web-based HTML designer/generator which would represent the actual survey that the clients would see. It involved numerous javascript routines combined with XML which was sent to the server via Ajax and used LINQ with stored procedures to transport the XML to SQL Server.
2007 Senior Lead Software Engineer – Harris RF Communcatons Corporaton through Burns Personnel
Massari Building, Humboldt Street, Rochester, NY 14610
This project involved acting as Lead Developer for a C#.Net and Ajax application with a SQL Server 2000 database.  It was financial forecasting product that was re-engineered and rewritten based on former employee attempts.  It was a two-phase project.
Accomplishments -
Phase I complete– An Ajax/C#, web-based, application has been completed to allow the end-user to organize and cross-reference their existing data prior to the completion of the main project.
Phase II –  This web-based software will allow the users to forecast manufacturing dollars over a 36-month period.  Extensive knowledge was obtained in web-grid development which allows for Excel-like functionality. This product was in its final testing phase upon leaving Harris RF Communication.
2002 - 2006 Human Resources Systems Developer and Administrator
Unity Health System – 89 Genesee Street, Rochester, NY 14611
By coordinating the efforts of 4 team members, developed a new system that maintained data integrity, security and coordination of interfaces between several systems including employee records, payroll information, and benefits. Ninety percent of the code-modules and reports were written personally. Primary objective was the gradual replacement of the DOS-based system by converting the data to SQL Server 2000 with Visual Basic front-ends. The project required junior developer training, project management, specification collection and end-user training.  An excellent understanding of HR policies, systems and HIPAA compliance was obtained in this position..
Accomplishments -
UnityHealth Human Resources System (UHR) – An all-encompassing, SQL Server 2000 relational database which could be scaled to accept various modules of human resources functionality including applications, requisitions, and payroll.  Currently, the benefits module has been converted and is in use.
Autoform Generator – this was an ASP.Net application that was written to allow departments to quickly replace their paper forms with intranet-based online forms.
Health Reach PDA – A handheld Palm® application designed to allow doctors to carry patient information into the field.
Metadata Search Tool – a client/server application written in C# that collects metadata describing a third-party database.  The metadata was then made searchable through this utility.  This gave report-writing personnel the ability to design the appropriate queries from a database of 2900+ tables..
PFS PhoneLog – A C# program that facilitated the tracking of patient phone calls.  The data was then used in analysis to determine where customer service improvements could be made.
2000 - 2002 Asst. VP Data Resource Management – CitiBank Student Loan Corporation
99 Garnsey Road, Pittsford, NY 14534                   
Asst. VP Data Resource Management
Manager of ten DBAs encompassing both distributed Microsoft systems and mainframe systems. Accountable for strategic and fiscal planning, disaster recovery, design and development of the database department. This includes weekly reporting and allocating personnel for projects as well as tracking employee status and deliverables.  Required the administration of VLDBs in SQL Server 7.0.
Project Manager/Team Lead
Project Manager and Trainer for the development of Internet and Intranet software.  This required the coordination of development efforts between Mainframe (VSAM/MVS) and Object-oriented (multi-tier) environments as well as project planning for the applications. VB, ASP, SQL and Javascript used extensively.
Accomplishments -
Trainer/Developer Lead – Instituted bi-weekly meetings designed to train employees in Windows skills including MS Access, SQL-Server 7, ASP, Crystal Reports and VB.
Code Review Lead – Lead the team for writing Code Review standards.
Fee Amortization – Team Leader for the maintenance of this existing app.
FAA Online – Project Mgr to administer ongoing changes to a Web application
SQL-Server Conversion – Senior team member laying the initial ground-work for the conversion of MSSQL-Server 6.5 to MSSQL-Server 7.0
Room Scheduler --  Lead developer in ASP. Involved training an intern/co-op.
1997 - 2000 Senior Application Developer - Xerox Corporation through Ciber Inc.
Phillips Road, Building 208, Webster, NY 14580       
Project Lead and Team Director for the development and implementation of business-related software packages that are designed for use within Xerox manufacturing facilities.  The creation of these applications includes analysis, design, development, installation and on-going support of each product.  Other duties include Consultant Field Manager for Ciber Consulting Incorporated.
Accomplishments -
Consultant Field Manager (Ciber) – Management contact for up to 10 Ciber employees on the Xerox Webster campus.  Duties included relaying hours, review of bi-weekly status reports, and annual performance appraisals.
National Technical Interviewer – Conducted telephone interviews for the Ciber national recruiting office in Florida.  Prospective candidates throughout the United States and Canada were screened.
Developer Lead – Coordinated, facilitated and schedule topics for bi-weekly development meetings designed for knowledge sharing.
Departmental Team Leader – Administrative and Technical contact for several employees. Promoted to Team Leader within six months.
Transportation Application – Project Lead and primary developer in VB.
Standards – Rewrote the Visual Basic Development Standards Handbook for our Department.
Premium Authorization (Web) – Project Lead and developer in ASP.
Year 2000 Compliance – Project Lead to analyze 40+ applications.
Development Proficiencies - Competent in Web development (ASP, C#, Ajax), Web services, automated fax, e-mail, binary transfers, winsockets Web connections, DTS,  and automated installations. Proficient in C#, AJAX, .Net, Web services, VB.Net, JavaScript, HTML, Visual BASIC 6.0, MS Access, SQL-Server, Crystal Reports, C, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLY.
Training:  Management Seminar & Evaulation – (3 weeks) May 2002.   MCSD - May 2002.  J++ (Java) Training - June, 1998.   SQL-Server 7.0 – Nov 2000
EDUCATION:  B.S. in Management and Computer Science from Alfred University, 1982
AFFILIATIONS:  Founding Member: Visual Developers of Upstate New York (VDUNY)
                               Vice Chairman – Victor YMCA Advisory Board.
                               Program Chairman – Bloomfield Scientific Club.
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