How it works --

The initial point of contact is either a phone call or an email. I am normally flexible and easy to work with. Please feel free to give me a call at the number below. If I am not immediately available then all calls will be returned. The first item of business is to define the scope of the project. Even though some 'scope creep' is almost always inevitable, well defined boundaries of the goal of the project and the depth of my involvement in the project are imperative. Although I do not enjoy 'heads down' coding to a written specification, there are still other avenues that can delineate the entent of the work that is required. I can help in this regard by assisting with database design and screenshots of the end product. If this is a singular, standalone application it can be relatively easy to storyboard or whiteboard the basic framework of the application. If my involvement is as a contributor to a larger application then I prefer a sub-segment of the program that can be easily encapsulated as as part of the whole. This includes areas such as Log In Screens, Reporting, Database design and/or or a section of your application. Of course full applications are my favorite.

The Layman's Terms --

Although relationships can vary slightly from client to client, these are some of the tenets of a typical working agreement. Some arrangements are more detailed than this and some are very simple but here are the layman's descriptions of the prominent requirements of the average job.

  • Code is "shared". The client gets a copy and a copy is kept by me for future use and reference.
  • A three month (12 weeks) minimum contract length is required. If the coding and/or contract is ended by the client before the 12 weeks is completed then the balance of the agreement is paid.
  • The hourly contract rate is $50 per hour. Any travel costs are over and above the hourly rate and at the clients expense. This includes all car rentals, round-trip flights, meals and lodging.
  • The pay rate is based on 40 hours per week for the life of the 12 week minimum requirement.
  • All work is tracked via a form 1099.
  • All billing is done every two weeks.

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    Email at:
    Cell Phone:   (585) 861-3082

    The best method of reaching me is by email.
    I check my email regularly.

    If you have an immediate need then please call the cell number.  If you are asked to leave a message please do so and I will get back to as soon as possible.  All calls will be returned.

    Thank you,